Worried your content is “giving away the farm?” You could be losing an empire

Something I’ve heard a lot in the past from business owners worried about giving too much content away is:

“But if I tell them how I work, won’t they just go and do it themselves?”


But those who do were never going to be your customer.

If you hold back your secrets hoping to lure those people in, they’re only going to go somewhere else to hunt down the “free.” However by not sharing great content, customers who are very happy to pay for your service may not have the confidence that you can do what you say.

Recently I watched a very high-level business coach on YouTube advising her audience to slash the content in their current paid products or programs by half, but keep the price the same.


I am not in the camp that believes this is a good thing to do. I’m all for charging what you worth, but holding back in the hope that people buy or spend more goes against the grain.

Now I really admire Seth Godin, Brian Clark, Dan Kennedy and Sonia Simone to name just a few and they all have few things in common:

  • Prolific content producers
  • Reputations of cramming in the value and wowing their customers by over delivering
  • Have built, sold or are running multi-million dollar businesses with content marketing

So why does their method work?  And why am I such a big fan?

Trust me, people don’t want to (and probably can’t) do it themselves

I’m awful at design but I could probably read a few tutorials and painfully create some kind of cat-sick creation for my website after a few months.

There is no chance I am ever going to do that.

So I look for a designer to do it for me. Now who do I trust?

The person with “teaser” content on his website about highly guarded design secrets, or the designer who shows how she creates her stunning effects?

I’m a lot less likely to question the ability of the latter when her work and methods are out there for scrutiny.

So yes, technically, I could do it myself by stealing all of his ideas and tutorials.

It would still look like cat sick.

HOW you do something is NOT your only value

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer.

If you publish content on your site about diets, training schedules, stretching tips and exercises are you going to write yourself out of a job?

Are people no longer going to need a personal trainer?


Because your customers can easily turn off the computer, put none of that advice into action and turn back to the ice cream and warm bed. (Mmm, double rich chocolate and a snuggly duvet.)

This is a little harder when your doorbell goes and your trainer is there ready to push you through a 90 minute morning workout.

Remember, if you offer a personal service, they’re getting YOU.

They’re accessing your personal support, accountability and depth of experience. And they’re getting tailor-made advice delivered quickly.

Much more appealing than wading through pages of archived content looking for just the right piece of info they need.

Content marketing without proof is just empty promises

On a basic level, strong copywriting contains:

  • A promise
  • A picture
  • Proof
  • An offer

Let’s say you visit a website that tells you they can make you lose 10lbs quickly and safely. They spend a great deal of time painting the picture of your problem, and then describing in vivid detail how you’re going to feel when you’re 10 lb slimmer. The energy you’ll have, the confidence you’ll experience, yadda yadda.

And then you’re told to pay $20 for some magic beans.

But you’re not told how those beans work.

You think you’d be a little sceptical?

Of course you would. And it’s not just physical products, this applies to the methods used by coaches, speakers, trainers and service-based businesses.

People want to see HOW exactly you’re going to follow through on any promise you’ve made.

Let’s say you’re a copywriter, which is a competitive field. If you keep shtum about your methods and your competitor offers free content reports, regular copywriting tips and blog posts about their business, who do you think is going to build more trust, credibility?

Who is going to be able to charge much more for what they offer?


Giving it away brings more back!

There’s a story about Hemingway losing a whole manuscript, or his wife lost it, on a train, or a plane I don’t know…I’m not going to split hairs.

The point is he lost maybe years worth of work.

But did his value as a writer diminish because he lost that body of work?

Let’s say someone found the manuscript, stole the ideas and wrote their own book based on his work.

Would that stop Hemingway writing a best seller or winning a Nobel Prize?

Of course not.

He lost his work. He didn’t lose his ability to work.

Giving away ideas, tips and advice doesn’t deplete some finite resource of talent. You will continue to learn more, improve, have new ideas and that is the value your customers pay you for.

Not only that, but giving away beings you exposure, the chance for people to talk about you, inbound links and opportunities.

And it brings you sales and clients.

Trust me on this.

You are surrounded by smart companies that know the power of content marketing, companies making millions by building audiences through “giving it away.”

Instead of fretting, spend your energy creating content and improving your skills so you can continually increase your value and worth.

You won’t lose the farm.

You’ll build a flippin’ empire.

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/UpMarket/~3/r_cqufugiDk/

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